Selecting a Shower Enclosure

March 22, 2018

When choosing a shower door for your new project. Whether it is for a remodel, or new home, it can be overwhelming, as there are so many choices.

My suggestion would be 1st have a budget and have an amount that you can fudge by so that if there are a couple of choices you can reasonably stay close to, if not stay within your budget.

Second, are you going to stay in the house more than 5 years and or are you building your dream bath, therefore, you might not want to spend more on the shower door if you’re not going to stay in the house. There are several options to consider that would do the trick. It seems we all have good taste and we always pick out the most expensive item. However, there are less expensive products that are similar to the higher end models.

Third, does the patterns and colors that you like work with your bath remodel. There are instances where the obscured glass you like might conflict with the design of the rest of the bathroom.

Or if your bathroom is small, and you select a obscured glass or colored glass, it will make your bathroom look smaller. You want to go with a clear glass, to help create the illusion of space.