Patterned Glass has become one of the hottest trends in both the commercial and residential application.  From Glass Curtain Walls, Glass Room Dividers, Reception Desks & Glass Murals to Shower Doors, Table Tops & Decorative Glass Walls. Set your next project apart and see us for a new look with patterned glass.

Painted Glass 
Design is in the details! Introducing painted glass into your next project delivers beauty & creates a brilliant piece of work. You can use color in various materials such as glass resin and some recycled materials.
Dream Wall
Residential Kitchen Backsplash in LIME (stock color). Using stock colors will help keep costs down.
Dream Wall
Colored Glass can be used everywhere such as in this closet door!
Dream Wall
Dress up your office at work or home with Dreamwalls BLUE glass (stock color).
Dream Wall
Custom red kitchen installed w/standoffs.
Dream Wall
Hotel lobby desk in bright yellow custom color dream wall glass.
Dream Wall
Sleek office area in custom color green Dreamwalls  Glass with True White overlay to use as message board.
Ideal Mirror and Glass Sales & Events

Custom shower doors

Do It Yourself

Jared did an excellent job at the installation!  The custom beveled mirror was beautiful but had a small/slight defect: Jared advised me they would be back to switch it out...