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CRL Glass Cleaner

CRL is Sprayway’s Master Distributor to the Glass Industry.
Our Most Popular Aerosol Glass Cleaner.

Hi Sheen Cleaner

This CRL/Somaca Hi-Sheen glass cleaner is specially formulated to dissolve the toughest problems a professional will face: Dirt, fingerprints, grime, grease, salts, saps and smudges. Hi-Sheen lifts residues from non-porous surfaces. It will not run when applying, or evaporate quickly like many other cleaners on the market. And it won t leave streaks, blurs, or rainbows. Does not leave streaks, blurs, or rainbows. Our most popular aerosol glass cleaner. Cleans mirrors, windshields, windows, Formica, ceramic tile, appliance surfaces, chrome, and stainless steel. Brightens and cleans glass and mirrors, producing a streak-free shine.


Glastec will remove all of your hard water deposits! Glastec can be used on your surfaces of glass, windows, windshields, showers, showcases and other non-painted hard surfaces. Glastec cleans, polished and protects! Glastec will also remove alkaline film, paint smears, corrosion, glue, and grime.

Invisible Shield

Invisible Shield represents a major breakthrough in surface coating technology, and is unlike any other surface treatment product you have ever used. It actually saves hours and hours of cleaning drudgery, and provides a “preventive cleaning and maintenance shield” to keep surfaces like new!

Enduro Shield

EnduroShield is an excellent product that is a protective coating that creates an ultra-long lasting invisible shield on all glass, ceramic tiles, grout, stainless steel, and chrome surfaces. This amazing product reduces cleaning time by up to 90%! EnduroShield protects against staining, build-up and etching caused by: Soap scum, body oils, lime scale, dirt, and grime, salt, and chlorine spray. Click here to learn more on EnduroShield.

Miracle Scrub

The Original Miracle Scrub Cream Cleanser is absolutely amazing and removes the toughest stains, soap scum, rust and hard water mineral deposits in kitchens, baths and throughout your home. Miracle Scrub deep cleans several surfaces such as sinks, tubs, showers and counters to a sparkling shine without scratching or dulling the surface. It is perfect for glass, porcelain, ceramic and other hard surfaces like granite and tile.

Shower Guard Glass

Showerguard protects your glass from hard water deposit build-up. When cleaned regularly showerguard can keep your glass like new!