There are several ways to mount your mirror whether it is a bathroom vanity mirror, dining room mirror, living room mirror or your work out mirror.

Available Mirror Thicknesses include:
5/32” Vinyl back, 1/8”, 3/16”, 1/4” and 1/4” Antique

– A beveled mirror or a beveled edge mirror is a traditional and classical way to dress up your mirror.

– J-Molding Trim can be an economical frame which also offers protection to the edge of the mirror, enhancing durability and longevity. This method is primarily used in commercial applications, but is also still used in residential installations as well. When purchasing a mirrored wall J-Molding is often used as the mechanical support at the bottom of the mirror.

– Polished Edge are very popular as many go for a more modern/contemporary look. This clean edge can be taken to the next level when finishing with mirror stand offs or mirror pivots.

– Screen printing is also a new hit in the mirror marketplace. This application will amaze anyone! It used to be just for displaying brand names targeting the business owner market but now you can show off a family portrait or vacation picture screen printed on a mirror!

– Wood Backing on a mirror is another great way to hang a mirror – giving it a floating effect. Now that we don’t have to look at mirror clips for support why get them?

Decorative Framed Mirror

Decorative Framed Mirror

Decorative Framed Mirror

Bar Mirror with Floating Glass Shelves

Mirror to Ceiling with Light Fixtures Mounted on Mirror

Custom Mirror with Sandblast & Standoffs

Broken Mirrors

Ideal Mirror & Glass can help you restore your beautiful furniture pieces by replacing a broken/cracked mirror or glass! Seen below our before and after pictures.