Ideal Mirror & Glass, Inc. can provide all of your glass table top requirements! We can provide an array of standard sizes with different styles of edgework to fit any design. Need a custom glass size? No problem! Here is some information on the different styles of glass edgework:

Beveled Edge: Traditional and Old World, the edge of this glass is angled for a truly classical and elegant look. Beveled Glass adds a graceful look to any piece. This edge is produced by a machine, creating a slanted edge that is absolutely elegant.

Chipped Edge: The chipped edge is still new to the market although it has been around for years. This edge gives off an extreme appeal to many people!

Flat Polished Edge: Contemporary and Modern, this edge is just what it sounds like – a flat edge that has a very clean look.

Mitered Edge: This type of edge is a 45 Degree Miter.

Ogee Edge: This is the traditional style of edge.

Waterfall Edge: This is a genuinely unique edge, as it resembles a waterfall!

45 Miter

Flat Polished


Pencil Polish